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ALECTRA'S 2018 Community support Applications

Program update: Funding for Alectra's 2018 Sponsorship & Donation program has been allocated, and the application is now closed. We are pleased to have partnered with over 100 organizations this year, offering programs and events throughout the communities we serve. If your organization is seeking support, we invite you to check back August 22 to apply for 2019 funding.

Supporting Our Communities

At Alectra, we recognize the importance of fostering sustainable communities with a focus on economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability.

Through the Alectra Community Support program, we fund local organizations that promote sustainability within our communities. We are growing effective partnerships that will create a better quality of living and brighter future for all.

Alectra's Pillars of Sustainability are:
  • Local Economic Support: We work with local business associations to help develop a vibrant economic community throughout Alectra’s distribution area.
  • Innovation: We support new programs and activities which are useful to our customers and that drive the energy industry forward, through the continuous integration of people and technology.
  • Helping Families in Need: We support programs targeted to residents and families that improve quality of life and promote energy literacy.
  • Environment and Culture: We support organizations and programs that contribute to building and maintaining environmentally healthy, sustainable, and culturally diverse communities.
Let's Discover the Possibilities together.

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